10 strategies to attract money

If you change your thoughts, attitudes, and actions towards money you will be able to make it work; don’t leave anything to chance or energy, take concrete and responsible actions.

The experts suggest 10 actions that will help you modify your relationship with money:

1. Be orderly

When you keep track of your expenses and debts, you know where your money is going. The order should also be reflected in your bag, vouchers, bills and the inside of your wallet.

2. Use common sense

Not everything that is sold has the best prices or is good for what you need. Knowing how to compare before choosing will help you make the best decision.

3. Stay informed

Having the right information when choosing a financial product will lead you to make the best decisions about the use and disposition of your resources.

4. Resignify the money

Find a different word for money and call it whatever you like: “Instead of saying 300 pesos, change it to 300 soles, for example”. This will serve to personalize the money and change its negative meaning.

5. Eliminate the feeling of guilt when spending

Imagine you have a “cosmic” credit card. Give yourself a moment of the day to buy what you have wanted most. “Every time you buy, the money on your card will triple.

6. Give so that you can receive

Find things in your home that you no longer use and donate them to someone who may need them. “Nothing fits in a full glass, but if you start sharing with others what you have, they will share with you.

7. Believe, desire and act

Think of an idea to make more money, change jobs, activate some talent or start an investment. Write it down on a piece of paper, put it in a balloon, drop it and repeat: “My age is beautiful for my new project” and Start it!

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Attend workshops, conferences or courses that provide you with information to improve your behavior. “Surrounding yourself with people with healthy financial habits will make it easier for you to adopt them.

9. Abundance calls

When you feel overwhelmed because you have no money, go to a restaurant and eat without worrying or do an activity that relaxes you. “Freeing yourself from tension and stress will help you think of actions you can take to make more money or get out of your financial predicament.

10. Take the first step

Think of something you want to buy that you haven’t been able to. Start by putting even a little money in an envelope. Add more little by little until you have the necessary amount. Achieving this will involve more work, but it will be the first step to break the taboo of not being able to obtain it.