10 tips to increase your intelligence

According to several studies, one way to increase our intelligence is by working on our creativity, mental flexibility, and the way we solve problems innovatively.

Rather than aiming to increase our IQ, what we should be focusing on is enhancing our cognitive flexibility, as well as achieving a more optimal growth mentality.

These factors can help us improve our quality of life by responding better to adversity, seeing opportunities where others see walls and fences.

1. Read

When we read we use all our potential, but we also acquire knowledge that provides us with multiple tools to make inferences, solve problems, learn to value other points of view… The basis of every culture should be a good amount of varied and interesting readings.

2. Be curious

Curiosity is one of the most important values that students should promote, but if you want to train your abilities and take full advantage of your intelligence, being curious is vital. Ask what you do not know, investigate, do not settle for the first explanation… Being curious is very important to increase your intelligence (or improve the one you already have).

3. Train your logic

Intelligence has much to do with logic and mathematics. Don’t stop training them if you want to keep your brain in shape.

4. Improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary helps us train linguistic-verbal intelligence. Also, the more words we have in our heads, the more concepts we know and the more synapses our brain makes. Language is the map that builds and draws our thoughts; take care of it.

5. Train your memory

Studies say that increasing memory does not increase intelligence, but it does help the study, the acquisition of essential knowledge to achieve our university degree, to stop cognitive deterioration, and, yes, to appear more intelligent.

6. Do meditation

It is difficult to find anything about meditation that is separate from pseudoscience or spirituality, but if you look hard enough, you will find it. It is becoming increasingly clear that meditation brings multiple benefits to our brain and helps us to focus and disconnect from the factors that cause us stress.

7. Improve your empathy

Empathy is a form of intelligence needed in all social species. Without it, it would be impossible to live in society, so training is tremendously important not only to improve our capabilities but also to improve our social relations and our way of solving problems.

8. Train your creativity

It’s not about you painting or making sculptures if you don’t like it. Creativity applies to all facets of our lives and is very useful for solving problems in original ways and finding certain alternative solutions.

9. Be critical

Don’t take everything for granted, imagine new solutions and consider that anything is susceptible to criticism and therefore improved. Don’t settle for what you are told, investigate on your own and draw your conclusions. Having a critical thought is a great tool that shows intelligence, but, like everything, it has to be worked on.

10. Ask yourself

You are not infallible, allow yourself to learn, allow yourself to make mistakes. If you firmly believe in something, ask yourself why list your arguments and listen to those of others. A trait that demonstrates intelligence is knowing how to evolve in our thinking and not thinking that we are right in everything.