5 tips to stay motivated to workout

In the following list, we present you with motivation techniques for exercise that are infallible or at least will make it possible for you not to abandon in a short time what you have started in terms of physical work.

Find a partner

It is much harder to make excuses for not going to the gym if there is someone waiting for you there. For others, competition works well as a carrot to the gym.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Rock climbing, biking, swimming, tennis etc, are all activities you can do alone or with a small group of people. Of course, doing weights or going for a run are more productive activities if you want to lose weight, but the best exercise is the one you do regularly.

Monitor your progress

Marking on a calendar the days you’ve exercised is enough to serve as a visual motivator to keep working out. Recording weights and distances helps you remember your progress. Taking pictures of yourself if you want to lose weight always works. It is very satisfying to see that belly getting smaller as the weeks go by.

Eat healthy and get enough sleep

One of the motivators for continuing to exercise is the fact that one feels better. It is important to establish vital sleep habits and healthy eating, so you will feel fresher throughout the day.

Develop a “fitness” mentality and lifestyle

Choose the stairs, take the bike to work, walk to the supermarket. Don’t deny yourself the things you really want but stop now and then and ask yourself “is this doughnut what I really need now?

Being aware and attentive are important life skills and I encourage you to cultivate them. In the end you will see that you will act in a healthier way without having to put too much pressure on yourself.