7 Tips to be more patient

Patience is the ability to control our emotions and impulses and remain calm in the face of adversity. It is not easy to be patient but the benefits of developing this virtue include better overall health, lower stress levels, stronger personal relationships, and a greater sense of happiness.

But if patience is not your strong suit, these 7 tips will help you develop it:

1. Avoid exaggerating – it’s so hard! And the thing is to do them from thought and language. You have to be objective and not make dramas for nothing. Exaggeration is one of the causes of impatience, so let’s see things as they are.

2. We have to take responsibility. We must realize that what makes us bad, anxious, and impatient is ourselves, not others. One is the one who gives value to what is happening and who focuses his attention on others. When you feel impatient, divert your attention from what is causing it and focus on something else. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t affect you. It’s up to you, remember. You are responsible for generating impatience.

3. Learn to breathe. Breathing in and out through the nose in five easy steps helps relax the nervous system and the whole body, and calms the mind. The mind and the breath affect each other, and you can modify your mental pattern with your breath.

4. Decrease expectations. Don’t think that everything should go your way or that everyone should act your way. That is another important cause of impatience, and I know it well because it happens to me a lot. But I have found that having expectations all the time is frustrating and also unnecessary. Take good care of the way you idealize everything and everyone, identify it, and put a stop to it.

5. Be consistent. If you get angry because someone is late for an appointment but you are always late, you are sending the wrong message. If something makes you impatient, see if you don’t do the same thing yourself, but rather your lack of patience is you projecting yourself.

6. Focus on solutions. When you are impatient with some process that is completely wrong and inefficient, as a line at a place or a stop that lasts for centuries, think about how that malfunction could be solved and if you can, send an email or make a call and propose that solution. Many times we get impatient because of an inefficient process that is evident, the proposal is that, instead of getting angry, we take action and try to solve it so that it becomes efficient. By distracting ourselves in this way, we will avoid impatience and, moreover, we will be contributing to something positive.

7. Learn to wait. No way, sometimes you have to wait, you have to be tolerant, you have to accompany someone slower, whatever, no way. This is life and we have to live it in the best way for ourselves and for our loved ones. So let’s learn to be patient, accompanying from the heart and being in the present moment, in the here and now. Without rushing, without wanting to do what follows, without looking at the clock. Just being one hundred percent in body and mind.