75 Things to do when you are bored

What can we do when we are bored? If you are bored and want to get out of this situation that is causing you discomfort. You can use some of these tips.

1. Read a book
Reading brings you great benefits, for example, it helps you exercise your memory, learn new things, or better package. Surely you have a book at home that you haven’t read yet.

2. Call a friend with whom you have lost contact
Don’t you have anything to do? Then pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

3. Make a Skype
If you live outside of your country and don’t know many people yet. Make a video call with a friend or family member.

4. Update your CV
If you don’t know what to do, update your resume or CV, either for printing or on the various employment pages. If you are not actively looking for a job, it will help you keep it up to date.

5. Browse YouTube
To kill the boredom, you can surf YouTube and discover videos that are on the net. Whether it’s to watch some “youtube” or to learn something new.

6. Watch a documentary
You can watch a documentary on the web to not only entertain yourself but to learn new things.

7. Meditate
You can take this time to meditate.

8. Take a bubble bath
At this time you have nothing to do. Relax and take a bubble bath. I’m sure you’ll feel better.

9. Use applications to pick up
You can use this moment of boredom to conquer someone. So you can use some of the apps that are on the market. Maybe you’ll get a date.

10. Practice yoga
Do some yoga exercises or watch a YouTube routine that you can follow. You’ll be doing your body and mind a favor.

11. Kitchen
You have free time, right? Why don’t you take advantage of it to prepare a delicious dinner.

12. Watch a movie
You can watch it if they make a movie on TV or download the one you’ve always wanted to see.

13. Go to the movies
And why don’t you go to the movies? That way you can watch a movie and also get some air.

14. Go for a walk
You can take advantage of this boredom to go for a walk at sea or in the mountains. This way you can enjoy nature and discover new places

15 …Or go for a run
If you prefer, you can go for a run. This way you benefit from training not only on a physical level but also on a mental one.

16. Go out with your dog
If you don’t want to go out for a walk alone, and if you have a dog as a pet, take it out for a walk.

17. Take the bike
If you prefer, you can also take a bike and go for a ride to discover new places.

18. Sort out your home
If you have free time and don’t know how to use it, put your house in order.

19. Study
Make the effort to study if you have nothing to do. Don’t leave the study for the last week of the exam.

20. Research your own vacation
That the vacations are coming and you still don’t know where to go? Search the internet for a destination that might be interesting.

21. Sing
If you like to sing, find a karaoke song on YouTube and sing it. Not good at it? What’s the difference? You’re on your own.

22. Play an online game
There are thousands of games online. Select the one you like and have a fun time.

23. Go to a bar and have a coffee
The walk to the place will be great for you and you will spend some time away from home.

24. Do a puzzle
How about entertaining yourself with a puzzle? You’ll be busy trying to finish it.

25. Watch music videos
Put some music channel on your TV or search for songs you like on YouTube.

26. Refresh the learning from the past
You can take the college or high school books that you have stored and review what you studied at the time.

27. Do a weightless strength training
Perform strength training in your own home or garden. You don’t have to use weights.

28. Take a nap
Take advantage of this free time to take a nap and face the rest of the day more rested.

29. Go down to the pool
If time permits, go down to the pool and take a dip. You will be refreshed and feel better after you have done so.

30. Shop online
You can take advantage of this to buy something you need via the Internet. However, do not buy compulsively.

31. Exercise your mind
Take advantage of this time to exercise your mind with brain training games. Or simply fill out a word search

32. Visit a tourist site in your city
Visit a tourist site in your city or town. I’m sure you haven’t been there before, even though it’s so close by.

33. Start a blog
You can start a blog in which you tell your experiences or talk about what you like. There are some pages for this, for example, WordPress or Blogspot

34. Invite a friend
You can invite a friend over for dinner, to play the console, or to watch a movie.

35. Go to the public library
If you don’t have a book on hand and don’t want to buy one either, you can go to the public library and spend the afternoon there.

36. Take the opportunity to do something you need to do
Take the opportunity to do something you need to do, whether it’s going to the bank, making a phone call, or joining the gym.

37. Send a letter to someone important in your life
Personal letters are in danger of extinction with new technologies. Take some time to write a letter by hand and mail it. You will surprise the person who receives it.

38. Take some pictures
If you go for a walk, take some pictures of the landscape or the places you visit.

39. Find your friends from the institute on Facebook
You can spend your time remembering those good times in the past and trying to contact old classmates or friends.

40. Learn how to make your favorite cocktail
You enjoy that good cocktail when you go out with a friend. Why don’t you use this time when you get bored to find out how to do it.

41. Do the laundry
It’s not fun but take advantage now that you can do the laundry to leave the clothes clean.

42. Write your own novel
Are you bored? Then give free rein to your creativity and write your own story or novel. Nobody else needs to read it.

43. Go out and buy a gift for your family
A family member’s birthday is coming up or Christmas is just around the corner. Take the opportunity to go to the store and buy gifts.

44, Practice your hobby
If you like surfing, riding or painting, this is the time to enjoy the day.

45. Dance
Turn on the music and let your body guide you. Dance, dance, dance.

46. Write a poem
Take a notebook and write a poem thinking about that person you love so much.

47. Fix your garden
Since you are bored, take the opportunity to leave the garden beautiful.

48. Go visit a friend by surprise
You don’t have to call your friend. Just stand at his door and give him a surprise.

49. Go bowling
Maybe you can take advantage and invite him to bowling. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

50. Play with your hairstyle
Try new hairstyles for yourself and spend the afternoon looking at which one suits you best.

51. Clean up your room
Now you have no excuse for having your room in disarray. Take this time to keep your room clean and organized.

52. Prepare a monologue and train
Preparing monologues is one of the most stimulating activities to do. In many cases it is not even necessary to be near a computer to look for documentation, just tell a story and practice out loud.

53. Go out into a natural space and exercise
Nature is full of resources that we can exercise outdoors. In addition, the air will be purer than in most gyms.

54. Practice drawing
Starting to draw and seeing the progress being made is very motivating, especially if you start from scratch.

55. Meet an old friend
Any excuse is good to meet again.

54. Practice drawing
Starting to draw and seeing the progress being made is very motivating, especially if you start from scratch.

55. Meet an old friend
Any excuse is good to meet again.

56. Learning to Do Origami
This hobby is as stimulating and creative as it is simple since to exercise it you only need sheets of paper and a flat surface.

57. Learn languages
An excellent way to exercise your mind while winning a useful competition such as being able to talk to more people and expand your CV.

58. Create video essays
Thanks to the Internet it is increasingly easy to create homemade audiovisual pieces in which we express our ideas from image and sound.

59. Sign up for an online course
Another excellent way to use your free time to learn is to sign up for an online course from the wide variety available in the network of networks.

60. Go out to see animals
If you combine this hobby with photography, you can get some spectacular images.

61. Learn about the history
The good thing about learning about history is that by relying on narrative lines it is easier to memorize.

62. Listen to audiobooks
A very good way to entertain yourself or learn without looking at a specific place.

63. Sign up for a language exchange
Practicing in a foreign language while having real interaction with someone is very stimulating.

64. Attend a volunteer program
There are many people who will appreciate the time you can give them.

65. Recycle
There are many creative ways to reuse already worn or overused materials and give them another use.

66. Grow something
Tracking the growth of a plantation can be very motivating.

67. Go out and meet people
You don’t even need an elaborate excuse to start a conversation.

68. Compose music
A simple microphone and certain computer programs are enough to compose experimental pieces, even if you have no experience in it.

69. Redecorate your home
Small changes can transform a room.

70. Participate in forums
Discussing on these virtual platforms helps to learn about different topics.

71. Enjoy lucid dreams
By sleeping, you can learn to control your dreams to do just about anything. This phenomenon is known as “lucid dreaming.

72. Learn Pottery
Creating clay figures is one of the most creative hobbies that can be done without leaving home.

73. Translate texts
There are many works that are only available in one or a few languages. There are communities of people dedicated to translating them selflessly to share those texts with the world.

74. Create videos
Today, anyone can create videos and publish them on the Internet, gaining an audience. Take advantage of it!

75. Learn choreography
Beyond dancing spontaneously, you can try to improve yourself by learning complex choreographies.