How to believe in yourself quickly and effectively

In this article, you will learn 4 tips that will teach you how to believe in yourself and achieve everything you want.

How to believe in yourself quickly and effectively

The word skill is defined as a person’s ability to do a thing correctly and easily. Do you think it is possible to say that you have the ability to believe in yourself?

Dr. Ivan Joseph, educator and speaker, believes that as long as you can practice and improve, you can talk about skill.

Great leaders believe in themselves before anyone else and that allows them to overcome the difficulties of entrepreneurship. And in turn, it is what allows them to inspire new generations to believe in themselves.

So if it’s something we can improve on and will do our business good, why not start practicing it?

Ivan Joseph shares some tips in his TEDx talk titled The skill of self-confidence, and begins by saying that as a football coach, the last thing you need from your pupils is to be fast or strong; as the only thing that will make them able to surpass their goals, is to believe in themselves.

How to believe in yourself.

Use repetition.

The first tip is REPETITION. We feel confident when the task to be done is not new to us and we do it well; that is why we must practice it as many times as necessary.

For example, if we project insecurity when presenting our business idea to potential investors, all we have to do is practice and keep practicing. As we do it better, our self-confidence will grow and we will get used to feeling this way.

believe in yourself quickly and effectively

Learn not to give up

How many people do you know who have said their next purpose is to lose weight? Now think about how many have succeeded. It is normal that the vast majority of these people have not reached the goal and the reason is related to Dr. Ivan Joseph’s second tip, which is NOT TO SURRENDER.

Great entrepreneurs have been victims of rejection and not because of that they stopped pursuing their dreams.

A clear example is Colonel Sanders, creator of KFC, who was rejected more than 1000 times when he tried to get other restaurants to sell chicken with the recipe he created.

Building self-confidence is not a day’s work, but we’re confident that if we don’t give up, we can succeed.

Change your mentality

The third tip is amazing and very simple. It’s simply CHANGE THE COSTUMES we have of thinking we can’t get things done. It’s educating our inner voice to always tell us that we can.

In his talk, Ivan shares with the audience the phrase that is always repeated in difficult moments: I am the captain of my ship and the master of my faith. In this way, he constantly reminds us that he is in control of the situations around him and that he is building up his self-confidence day by day.

Write yourself a letter

To accompany this continuous practice another tip is to WRITE A LETTER congratulating ourselves for being who we are; reminding us what are the things that make us proud and what are the goals we have achieved.

In adverse moments it is easier for us to tell ourselves that we cannot do things. That’s why reading a letter we wrote when we were feeling incredibly goodwill clears the air and gives us the encouragement we need to keep believing in ourselves.



We can be better at believing in ourselves. It is a skill that can be reinforced with work and dedication; like any other skill. So it is up to us to see ourselves as the incredible versions we can be.

Also, in order to see results with the above tips, Dr. Ivan Joseph highlights the importance of getting away from people who do not want to see us grow, i.e. toxic people. They become an unnecessary burden on our way to self-confidence.

And finally, the most important thing is to always keep in mind that if we don’t believe in ourselves, no one will.